Looking to hook more leads, improve your customer journey, and crush your sales goals?

Using insights from my research, I'll develop the perfect strategy to maximize your conversions at every stage of your funnel.

I'll discover how your audience talks about their challenges and desires related to your offer using interviews, surveys, review-mining, and more.

Now it's time to amplify your message with high-converting copy that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

We'll jump on a call to put the final shine on your words. Then, I'll deliver everything you need to smash your business goals.

The Pitch-Perfect Process

Get your copy in the key of success

Compelling copy comes from a process that matches the unique value your offer to the needs of your ideal customer.

The Verse

Email Copy

The Hook

Website Copy

The Bridge

Copy Audits

How can we work together?

Investment starting at: $1,895

What this includes:
+ An audit of your current page or strategy
+ 60-minute strategy session 
+ New copy for your sales or landing page

Captivate your audience in seconds with copy on your sales and landing pages that hooks their attention and drives them to action.

Crafted to empathize with your audience's challenges, level objections, and close the sale using words that resonate and connect.

The Hook

Website Copy

Investment starting at: $1,400

+ 30 min strategy session
+ 5-7 high-converting emails
+ 1 round of revisions

Build connection with your ideal customers through storytelling and strategy that sets the stage for your offer.

Nurture more leads into customers with email sequences optimized to position your offer for the highest conversions.

The Verse

Email Copy

Investment: $250/hr

Have a first draft of your copy but something just isn't working? Want an expert to help tighten up your words to make them clear and compelling?

Let's jump on an hour-long Zoom call to take your message or strategy to the next-level.

At the end of our session, I'll send you the video recording of our session along with the notes and copy changes you need to take your copy from flat to fantastic.

The Bridge

Copy Audit

Brooke Froelich Murray
outdoor content creator
Co-founder of wildkind

Amy Burke
owner, Amy Burke Events

Elizabeth is able to step back and take an objective look at our business offerings, lay out a clear plan for the quarter, and find playful and creative ways to keep our audience engaged.

Elizabeth's clarity keeps us on track when our minds are running a mile per minute. Our ski school launch wouldn't have been half as successful without her email copy.

heather Balogh rochfort
4x author
co-founder of wildkind

Working with Elizabeth was such a joy because I knew she was crafting beautiful words, but she was doing so with data and analytics to back it up.

Client Love

Thank you!