picturing your audience in their underwear won't help you write better copy—but good research will.

The ultimate "hack" to selling with authenticity is to deeply understand the challenges your audience wants to overcome.

The Process

Tell me about your project!

After you fill out the intake form on my contact page, I'll schedule a short call to discuss your goals, budget, timeline, and we'll find out if we're a good a pairing.

Once we've firmed up your goal and strategy you'll sign my contract and a 50% deposit will hold your time on my calendar.


The most important part of the process: discovering who you audience is and perfecting your message for them.

This phase consists of a kick-off call where I'll learn all about your brand. I'll dive head-first into researching about your customer through client interviews, surveys, review mining, and more.

Using your analytics, I'll identify what's working and what's not, so I can craft the perfect message for your ideal customer.


Once I understand your brand, your ideal customer, and how to position your offer I'll go to my copy cave and get to work.

You'll receive specific instructions on how and what to review in your copy so you won't be locked in an unending cycle of revisions.

I'll turn over the finished product once the balance payment has been fulfilled and will be available for one week to answer any questions as you build on your end.


There's no such thing as fix it and forget it—unless you're talking about dentures.

Optimizing your copy for conversions is a process.  I'll stick around to tweak, edit and test your copy to make sure we're hitting the highest marks. 


Thank you!

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