let me show you how conversion copy is your ticket to stress-free launches and a calendar filled with your favorite clients.

You'll never know too much about your audience.

You're an online entrepreneur who's lived through a launch, so you know all too well the endless amount of copy there is to write to hit your goals.

If you're ready to treat yourself like your brand's most valuable asset and show up as a client-focused CEO, then you need to hire a copywriter and launch strategist who will be your partner in crafting your strategy for success.

Conversion copywriting uses research on your ideal audience combined with proven conversion frameworks to attract your ideal clients and inspire them to action.

In other words, my copy will help you stand out in the noisy digital space by using the words that resonate with the people you want to serve and create genuine connection.

And the best part? You'll gain insightful notes on how to improve your offer, so you can be sure you're always improving your value.

What is conversion copywriting?

marketing strategy

project management

data analysis

More than words.

I'll help you make informed decisions for your business with my background in:

I've been trained by the best:

5 weird things about me

 I was living my best life in high school, singing in eight choirs at one time—including a Renaissance madrigal choir. Don't bother asking for photos. The evidence has long since been destroyed.

I attended and dropped out of Berklee College of Music...

but I went on to win an award in Holocaust literature studies and worked for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for eight years in their marketing department. I also helped write programs and scripts for their national events.

Grew up a huge Star Trek fan and love playing four-way chess.

My family left DC and moved across the country during the pandemic in an RV, Oregon Trail-style. All three kids survived fording the river and we settled in Park City, UT.

I'm the Conversion copywriter, launch strategist, and music school dropout who's going to sell-out your launch. 

It's time for an Aguilera-length riff.

If you want a standing ovation, in the form of mind-blowing sales and full courses, you need to draw your audience in with a clear voice, know how to make 'em laugh (or cry), and serve-up personality to the back of the house.


Heather balogh rochfort
co-founder, www.wildkindinc.com

"As a writer myself, I struggled to believe that someone could write or sound like me but you have our brand voice and goals so dialed you run on autopilot. Having you write our copy has proved to be invaluable because it allowed me to put my time elsewhere."

Michelle Cain
Owner, Fit4MomDC.com

“Elizabeth is incredibly gifted at creating content that is clear and relatable to her audience and she brings a wonderful sense of humor to her writing!”

Amy Burke, www.amyburkeevents.com

Prior to working with Elizabeth I had spent hundreds of dollars having another pro develop copy for me, and I was less than satisfied with the outcome. I was hesitant to go through the process again, however Elizabeth walked me through the process, shared data analysis points to help guide us.

After working with Elizabeth, I am so happy with my copy, I haven't touched it once (except for increasing my pricing because I have been booking so many weddings!)

Anytime I need help developing copy for my business Elizabeth will be the first person I call - she just gets me! 

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