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Hitting all the right notes.

After I wasted $65k suffering through acoustics classes at Berklee College of Music, I realized that music might be my passion, but it wasn't the only way I was meant to use my voice.

Over the next eight years, I worked as a marketing project manager at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, using my words (and insane love of organization)  to drive action on large-scale marketing projects and events. As a project manager, I learned how important it is to tailor your message, and the value of the project to speak specifically to the person you're trying to motivate.

Then in 2018, with my third baby on the way, I began to write social media content for a local fitness organization helping mothers find community, strength, and support. I became addicted to the power my words had to uplift, commiserate, and provide much-needed belly laughs during one of the most challenging and isolating times of a woman's life.

It wasn't long until I left the Museum, and my social media side-hustle, to become a full-time copywriter. Now, I get to spend my days using my love of words to help business owners find their voice and make their business thrive (and I don't even have to wear a choir robe to do it!) 

Is my story music to your ears?

from choir girl to copywriter

Behind the curtain

You've met music nerds before, but have you ever met one who sang in eight choirs at once—including a Renaissance madrigal choir? Don't bother asking for photos. The evidence has long since been destroyed. I can't lie though...this was the best time of my life.

After leaving Berklee College of Music, I went on to win an award in Holocaust literature studies and worked for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum where I not only project managed, but wrote educational programs and scripts for their national events.

I grew up a huge Star Trek fan and love playing four-way chess. This means you'll want me on your strategy team—not sitting across from you at the chess board.

I'm not afraid to take risks for big results. My family left DC and moved across the country during the pandemic in an RV, Oregon Trail-style. All three kids survived fording the river and we settled in Park City, UT.

Brooke Froelich murray
WildKind inc

"Elizabeth is able to step back and take an objective look at our business offerings, lay out a clear plan for the quarter, and find playful and creative ways to keep our audience engaged."

Thank you!