Get customer-focused strategy and copy that hits the right spot.

I help Femtech and Sextech leaders connect, capture, and convert more customers — so you can grow the business this world needs.

Is your copy letting customers slip through the cracks? 

But if you don't have a solid strategy in place to nurture your audience, turn more browsers into buyers, and retain the customers you have, then you're missing out on crucial revenue to grow your business.

You're moving a million miles a minute trying to raise funding, awareness, and education about your Femtech or Sextech business.

You know you need MORE customers and MORE revenue if you want to make it to your next round of funding, or finally leave those VCs behind...

Creatively educate and inform your audience about your product, services, or offers

Turn more browsers into buyers

Nurture your subscribers

Leverage your paid social media strategy

Retain more customers and increase lifetime value (quickly)

I'll help you:

From Website Copy To Email Strategy you need A Seamless Customer Journey That Converts

Your Business Will Change Lives — And The Words You Use To Talk About It Matter

Understanding what message, tone, and content will resonate with your customers and what will convert is tricky. You want to earn your customer's trust—not sell at any cost.

That's why you need a marketing strategist who embodies the values you stand for and knows how to writes words that make your customers feel seen, heard, and understood.

I’m a trained conversion copywriter which means I use in-depth research to understand how your customers feel and what they need to know to take action.

I use those insights, combined with my knowledge of buyer psychology to write words that connect, nurture, and convert.

After working for a decade in marketing and project management for non-profits, I believe in the power of genuine connection over persuasion.

The right message, and a thoughtful customer journey, help you create a genuine connection with the people who need you the most.

I’m passionate about using my love of words to help Femtech and Sextech leaders change the future of reproductive health & sexual wellness for every BODY.

your femtech & sextech-obsessed strategist + conversion copywriter

Hi! I'm Elizabeth.

I work with visionaries to create a marketing strategy and messaging that's sustainable, customer-focused, and conversion-driven

- Heather Balogh Rochfort
5x author, Cofounder WildKind inc,

our email list has finally become a solid driver of sales

"As a writer myself, I honestly struggled to believe that someone could write or sound like me....but Elizabeth learned our brand voice with amazing skill and speed! Our launch wouldn't have been half as successful without her."

-Amy Posner
Copy Chief, Mentor, Co-Host of the Business Badassery Podcast

"As a copy chief, I review a LOT of copy. Elizabeth delivers great copy --consistently! She also has solid research chops and knows how to uncover the voice of customer data that fuels conversions. She’s a project manager at heart, and the added value is insane. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Elizabeth is one of the rare copywriters who has native talent AND deep study to her credit 

What's it like to work with me?

Want to increase sales and make every hard-earned lead count? 
I use data and insights to uncover what matters most to your customers to increase conversions on your website and in your emails. 

Depending on your needs, this could include:
  • Customer & competitor research
  • Website copy: homepage, landing pages, sales pages
  • Essential email flows: welcome, post-purchase, abandon cart
  • Promotional or free to paid subscriber emails

Turn more browsers into buyers

retain & delight your customers

Need help boosting customer lifetime value and building brand loyalty?
I'll deliver a customer-focused journey that will leverage your paid acquisition efforts and turn your buyers into brand loyalists. 

Depending on your needs, this could include:
  • Customer & competitor research
  • Onboarding email sequences
  • SMS messaging copy
  • Content strategy

what can i help you with?

Struggling to incorporate inclusive language into your messaging?
Make sure your copy creates space for every BODY and speaks to every one who could benefit from your product or service. Learn what actions you need to take to align your copy with your mission and values for $497.

Here's how it works:
  • We'll kick-off the day with a 30-minute chat to review your goals
  • At the end of the day, you'll receive copy edits for your website or up to 2 email sequences
  • You'll also receive a list of actionable steps to take if internal decisions need to be made to match your values to your messaging

inclusive copy intensive

Not quite ready to hit the publish button without a final review?
Get an expert's eyes on your copy to polish up your message — in just one hour. You can rent my conversion-trained brain to enhance your copy on one web page or up to five emails for $250.

Here's how it works:
  • I'll send you a questionnaire to complete before our meeting
  • We'll chat for 20-minutes to align on strategy & goals
  • You'll receive your edited copy with tracked changed and suggestions in just one hour

copy help quick

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Are you ready for customer-focused strategy and copy that hits the right spot?   

If you're struggling with how to incorporate inclusive language in your messaging, enter your name and email to grab the guide!

THE INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE GUIDE For Femtech & Sextech Leaders

If you're struggling with how to incorporate inclusive language in your messaging, enter your name and email to grab the guide!

THE INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE GUIDE For Femtech & Sextech Leaders